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Saturday, 9 April 2011

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Friday, 8 April 2011

Thursday, 7 April 2011

today was great! everythings gone a bit normal now, after school was such fun with alika, pardis, evan, damian and tristion :) a lovely calm walk home just listening to nature and shop alarms :L oh everything about today was just perfect and possitive. I also got an A in my IT course work so im hoping on trying to get a high mark in my IT exam :D adios xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

In food tech with the boobs Hibo, Emma, Ruksaar, Matthew :D finally sorted this shit out, and im glade me and Hibo are speaking cause shes the only person i cared about who wasn't speaking to me. At least she understands I'm not on any side and my blog was wrote before any off this happened.....
Omg miss lewis has been really upset for being called rasist and saying shes being rude to the muslims. She hasn't taken any ones side so this is all silly! Me Batoul Josey Aggy Elinor and Ashi went and gave her a big hug and told her how kind shes being threw all of this and she started crying again, it was so sad I thought i was going to cry :'(
Is now in music with Elinor and Sean, Alikas and Katys Presents is definitely being missed. Do you actually know what im laughing at right now, the fact that i aint involved in all of this pathetic argument but some people aren't speaking to me :L i know that people know i haven't got anything to do with this and they red my last post and saw what i actually wrote and realize how stupid they were to start saying im on sides :') This is going to be a pretty fun week.

Monday, 4 April 2011

Just deleted my facebook because i really dont understand why i even have it anymore, it is a negative place and is full of people who are too scared to tell someone they hate them so they'll put it in a status :/ i didnt know how much shit facebook could cause :L SO now im just sticking with my lovely blogger and twitter love them social networks :D:D
I dont actually care if people dont speak to me cause of what i posted on here, because if you read clearly i stated that 'Im not saying there isn't a god im saying if there was i dont believe in it' and i posted this 3 days before all of the argument started in school, because me and bizrhat was speaking about what we think about god. To be honest this is all a joke and im not pathetic to take sides so ha if you dont want to talk to me im not that concerned im sure i have plenty more other friends that are there for me.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

as much as i love romantic films they kind of depress me, i like to see other people being happy and in love but i dont actually see that im not happy and in love, i like to think nothing hurts me so then people wont know how to get to me but i just work diffrently! if i got into a fight tomorrow and got batter to the ground i'd probably not cry but if a little comment like 'haha fatty' would make me so angry and emotional. The saying "sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me" is the stupidest thing i've heard, i would preffer to get hurt with a stone than someone calling me names if im honest. I think some people dont actually realize how sencitive some people are including me! LOL i cant believe how off topic i just went :L i dont know why but i always do that, i could be talking about my school then ten minutes later i'd be babbling on about something else :') so crazy. OK so i was saying, i get a bit jeliouse when i see perfect couples walking down the street or on TV, i find it so romantic how they've found someone and there soul partner and i just love the idea of them being together for the rest of there lives but i always get scared i'de never find someone like arghhh it just gets me all annoyed not knowing what my future is going to be like. People say you dont need a relationship at a young age but i want one now! i love the idea of someone being there for you when you have no one, being able to talk to someone even about the things you cant talk about with your girlfriends, someone telling you that you pretty even when you not and know they mean it and so much more.... I think my biggest fear in life is growing old with out someone there for me...