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A little story about me.....

My names Tia and i live in Wales. I go to Cathay's high and I'm 15. i wouldn't really put myself into a category for what I'm like cause I'm just myself. I like to think I'm nice and friendly and i try my hardest to not judge people by there first impressions or on what I've heard. I'm very confident and bubbly, but i don't like to meet new people. When i do tend to meet new people or go places with people i don't know i come out of my comfort zone. I like meeting new people on social network's and hearing about there life. I don't really have a type of music i listen to because i like a variety of options. I love Marilyn Monroe, Christina Aguilera and Lady Gaga, i think there amazing idol's....  I have a YouTube channel to embrace my love to the world and for weekly updates, review and gossip basically subscribe and add my loves