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Sunday, 3 April 2011

as much as i love romantic films they kind of depress me, i like to see other people being happy and in love but i dont actually see that im not happy and in love, i like to think nothing hurts me so then people wont know how to get to me but i just work diffrently! if i got into a fight tomorrow and got batter to the ground i'd probably not cry but if a little comment like 'haha fatty' would make me so angry and emotional. The saying "sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me" is the stupidest thing i've heard, i would preffer to get hurt with a stone than someone calling me names if im honest. I think some people dont actually realize how sencitive some people are including me! LOL i cant believe how off topic i just went :L i dont know why but i always do that, i could be talking about my school then ten minutes later i'd be babbling on about something else :') so crazy. OK so i was saying, i get a bit jeliouse when i see perfect couples walking down the street or on TV, i find it so romantic how they've found someone and there soul partner and i just love the idea of them being together for the rest of there lives but i always get scared i'de never find someone like arghhh it just gets me all annoyed not knowing what my future is going to be like. People say you dont need a relationship at a young age but i want one now! i love the idea of someone being there for you when you have no one, being able to talk to someone even about the things you cant talk about with your girlfriends, someone telling you that you pretty even when you not and know they mean it and so much more.... I think my biggest fear in life is growing old with out someone there for me...

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