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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

In food tech with the boobs Hibo, Emma, Ruksaar, Matthew :D finally sorted this shit out, and im glade me and Hibo are speaking cause shes the only person i cared about who wasn't speaking to me. At least she understands I'm not on any side and my blog was wrote before any off this happened.....
Omg miss lewis has been really upset for being called rasist and saying shes being rude to the muslims. She hasn't taken any ones side so this is all silly! Me Batoul Josey Aggy Elinor and Ashi went and gave her a big hug and told her how kind shes being threw all of this and she started crying again, it was so sad I thought i was going to cry :'(
Is now in music with Elinor and Sean, Alikas and Katys Presents is definitely being missed. Do you actually know what im laughing at right now, the fact that i aint involved in all of this pathetic argument but some people aren't speaking to me :L i know that people know i haven't got anything to do with this and they red my last post and saw what i actually wrote and realize how stupid they were to start saying im on sides :') This is going to be a pretty fun week.

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